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Electronic Data Interchange, provides a common-Industrial standard to communicate between different enterprises with a predefined format to reduce the manual efforts between trading partners. AS2(ApplicationStatement2) standard is a specification used in the EDI messages to transport messages securely over the wire with certificate/encryption algorithms.

EDI Dashboard widgets

MDN, Message Disposition Notification is a Technical Acknowledgement, which indicates whether the AS2 messages was successfully received by the recipient. With millions of EDI transactions happens each day, it is always important to track and report the success/failures on the consolidated interface. Even though BizTalk Admin console provides a message level AS2-MDN status on the EDI reporting, BizTalk360 takes this to the next level of consolidating the MDN status or other EDI status on a chart view for business understanding.

EDI Reports in BizTalk

EDI Reports in BizTalk- Prerequisites

To Enable EDI reports in BizTalk, the prerequisite is to enable BAM. As the EDI reports utilize the BAM infrastructure, the EDI tracking data is being organized within the BAMPrimaryImport tables. Make sure to enable the BAM and EDI Reporting in the BizTalk Admin configuration pane to kick start with EDI Reporting!

EDI Reports in BizTalk

EDI Reporting in BizTalk Admin console

BizTalk Admin console displays the AS2-MDN status on a group level and the status is displayed on a per-message basis. Various filters are being available to segregate the party/status based messages.

EDI Reporting in BizTalk Admin console

Below is the list of tables responsible for determining the AS2-MDN status/ AS2 interchange status.

AS2-MDN status/ AS2 interchange status

List of MDN Status

Below is the list of MDN status tracked in BizTalk Admin console
1: Acknowledged – Processed
2: Acknowledged – Rejected
3: Processed – MDN Pending
4: Processed – MDN not Expected
5: Processed – Not Acknowledged – Resend attempts exceeded
6: ‘Processed – Not Acknowledged – Resend duration exceeded

EDI Reporting in BizTalk360

EDI Reporting in BizTalk360 provides rich-dashboard widgets to get known on the consolidated EDI details from Interchange level to MDN status level.

Navigation: Operations>>Electronic Data Interchange>>EDI Dashboard>>Add Widget

EDI Reporting in BizTalk360

Below are the widgets available in BizTalk360 for EDI Reporting, customize it according to the Dashboard requirement.

AS2MDN-status based widgets

As this blog covers more on the side of MDN status, there are two different AS2-MDN status widgets are available in the EDI dashboard of BizTalk360. MDN Status in BizTalk is determined by various parameters like

  1. MdnDisposition Type
  2. DispositionModifier ExtType
  3. DispositionModifier ExtDescription
  4. MDN Status number

The permutation/combination of all the above four parameters varies the MDN enumerated value at BizTalk Admin console

AS2MDN-status based widgets

  1. Number of AS2 messages by partner and MDN status

This widget reports the MDN status value filtered based on partners.

MDN status value filtered based on partners

2. Number of AS2 messages by partner and MDN status(All)

This widget represents the aggregated count of received or send messages per partner and MDN status.

count of received or send messages per partner and MDN status

3. Number of AS2 messages by MDN status

This widget represents the Number of AS2 partners by MDN status in a chart for all the partners in one chart view also indicates the segregation of receive/send.

Number of AS2 partners by MDN status

As this gives the comprehensive report on all the AS2/EDI events, BizTalk360 also provides options to set the date range from which the results should be displayed. This date range segregated as

Last24hrs, Last7Days, and Last30Days.

AS2/EDI events

This widget can also be added in the Home screen of BizTalk360

biztalk360 home

Custom Widget

BizTalk360 also provides the facility to create a Custom widget, which can be tailor made to your requirement. As the BAM tables are been responsible for EDI reporting, utilize this data source to create your own Widget. Follow this link for step by step guide to create a custom widget.


As there were around 12 EDI widgets, based on the Business/Transaction requirements you can easily customize and have an eagle’s view of all the EDI transactions with no recurrence of manual work. Explore more of our inbuilt widgets and enjoy EDI reporting with just a click away from BizTalk360!

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