I’ve posted a couple of webcasts on Dublin on BloggersGuides.net. They are based on the PDC08-CSD image, so things may well change going forward, but they provide a good intro as to how to get started exploring hosting services in Dublin, and the configuration options.
Hosting Workflow Services in Dublin
This webcast will look at hosting declarative services in the Dublin application server. The webcast will start with a basic WCF declarative service and demonstrate the procedure to host the service in Dublin.
The configuration features in Dublin will be explored, including tracking, persistence, and throttling. The tracking data will be queried using SQL Server Management Console, and the DublinER tool.
DublinER – BizTalk HAT tool, but for Dublin
This webcast will take a quick tour of the DublinER tool, showing how it can be used to display query results from the Dublin tracking database.
The link to the DublinER tool on codeplex is here.