Hi folks – from a previous post where I fudged a DLP-RFID1
x64 driver, I’ve now tracked down ’proper’ 64 bit version of the DLP-RFID1 Reader.

Here it is here –

1. From this page http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm download
the CDM
2.04.16.exe which does the trick.

2. Double click on the above EXE to install the drivers (the EXE will detect your
OS is x64) – the driver is then installed on the machine, but not auto assigned to
your RFID1 device.

3. From Device Manager, right click on the DLP RFID1 Reader and select ’Update Driver’,
select ’Browse on My Machine’ and ’Select from a List’ (near where you say ’have disk’).

4. From the Manufacturer list select ’FTDI’ and select the very top Driver on the
RHS (USB Serial Converter)

5. Unplug and replug your RFID1 Device – and viola! all good.

6. Run this Test app RFID1Demo.exe to
make sure all is good from http://dlpdesign.com/rfrdr/ 

NOTE: On my machine I still have an unknown Serial device in Device Manager, but all
works none the less.