Most people think that it is necessary to use a custom pipeline to debatch an XML file, where you use a custom XML disassembler pipeline component to specify the Envelop schema and Document schema.

Well, actually it is not! You can even use the default XMLReceive pipeline for debatching as long as:

1. Have created and deployed an envelope schema (Set the Body XPath property of the root node to the appropriate record in the envelope schema)
2. You have created and deployed the document schema
3. Message you are receiving is an instance of the envelope schema
4. Make sure that the namespace and root node name of the document schema aligns with the MessageType of the debatched message (you may have to set the 'Element FormDefault' property of the Envelope schema to 'Qualified')

All of the above are something that you will anyway make sure even when using a custom pipeline, so nothing new.

Ofcourse you will not be able to do things like enabling 'Recoverable interchange processing' or validate document structure which a custom XML disassembler.

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