Hi all

When I run into some issues on web pages and report them, one of the things that almost
always happens is that they won’t deal with your request until you have deleted all
cookies and tried again. The support guys have some steps to guide the user through
before they can send anything on to the second level support. And this usually includes
getting the users to delete all cookies.

Now, this is bad! IF there is an issue with the cookie for a particular web site,

  1. Deal with it in your server side code
  2. Don’t ask me to delete ALL cookies, but instruct me to delete the one that is the
    right one for your web site.

Deleting all cookies will make me start over entering usernames and passwords for
lots of web sites that are really not in any way impacted by the ongoing issue the
support guys are trying to solve. It may solve the problem, sure but it sure isn’t
the RIGHT way to solve the issue. The right way would be to

  1. Make sure the cookie doesn’t get corrupted
  2. Handle the corrupt cookie in the server side code
  3. Only delete the necessary cookies and not all cookies.

Asking customers to delete all cookies is just plain lazy.

I have seen this from several web sites, and lately I actually got it from the mcp
support team. I emailed them that I get this screen frequently:


As you can see, the web page instructs me to click an icon to sign in, but the icon
is for signing out (Clicking it actually signs me out). Now, to me, this means that
the server side code is faulty. The code generates a page that at the same time instructs
me to sign in and to sign out. But, the reply from the mcp support team was that I
was told to delete all cookies and try again. I have emailed them that I don’t think
that is the right way to go about it and they have replied that deleting all cookies
won’t do my system any harm and I should do it and get back to them. Sure it won’t
harm my system, but it will for sure harm my user experience on all the web sites,
whose cookies have now disappeared.

This is the way it always goes – not just with the mcp support team I tell them it
is the wrong solution and they instruct me to do it anyway.