“M” is a great language for modelling data. In many of the presentations and articles about “M” it has been mentioned that “M” is used for creating models that will be stored in the repository database. But it can also be used for modelling regular databases.
This webcast will show how “M” can be used to create tables in a standard relational database. Some of the basic language features will be used to create types and extents. The model will then be enhanced to add constraints and relationships.
The great thing about data modelling in “M” is that even though the Oslo SDK is still pre-alpha, there is nothing to stop you from using “M” as a modelling language for databases in your projects, as the SQL generated can be imported to SQL Server 2008. There is a slight chance that changes in the language specification may affect the “M” compilation, but this should be minimal.
If you want to see more of “M”, Dublin and Oslo, I’ll be delivering a half day Oslo seminar at Informator on the 14th November and presenting at the BizTalk User Group Sweden on the 18th November. Both events are free, but registration is required.
The webcast is available here on BloggersGuides.net.