I’m thrilled to announce that registration is open for Dallas TechFest 2010 at http://dallastechfest.eventbrite.com

Who is speaking you ask?  Well our incredible team of web volunteers are hard at work on a refresh of our website, but in the meantime, here are some names and topics from the .NET Track:

  • ASP.NET MVC 2 and Azure Table Storage – Chander Dhall
  • Particle Physics Engine in Silverlight and ASP-mvc?! – Amir Rajan
  • The Rich Standard: Getting Familiar with HTML 5 – Todd Anglin
  • Hard Lessons Learned From Being Stupid About TDD – Matt Hinze
  • Intro To Generics 0 to 60 – Devlin Liles
  • M-V-V-M in Silverlight 4 – Caleb Jenkins
  • Unit Testing SharePoint using TypeMock – Kyle Kelin
  • 10 Practices every developer should start right now – Caleb Jenkins
  • Monotouch for the iPhone – Casey Watson
  • Dropping ACID: Building Scalable Systems That Work – Chris Patterson


Silverlight, SharePoint, iPhone, HTML5, as you can see we’ve got a packed schedule of .NET goodness and that’s not to mention the Flex, ColdFusion, PHP, and Java tracks!