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It’s been a month since Feature Pack 1 was released for BizTalk Server 2016 Enterprise and Developer edition. The Feature pack introduced a set of new features, and helped customers leverage new technologies as well as taking advantage of tools they already used in their organization, in this case to enable a more streamlined management of their BizTalk Installation.

One of these customers were FortisAlbert, an energy company located Alberta, Canada. With the new management REST APIs with full Swagger support they were able to take parts of the operational management of the environments out from the BizTalk Servers and Administration Console and build a PowerApp to create and maintain their applications. Making the 24/7 support of their environment easier for the operational teams.

Having the option to add, update and even start existing artifacts directly from the PowerApp has helped FortisAlbert to enhance their productivity and speed of resolving live incidents.

“FortisAlberta has been using BizTalk since 2006 and is currently migrating to BizTalk 2016 due to its versatility, adaptability and ability to integrate disparate systems with ease.”

Anthony See, FortisAlberta