I’ve spent a bit of time with CloudCasts (formally Cloud TV). I changed the name for a couple of reasons, primarily because the domain name cloudcasts.net was available. I’m still hosting in Azure, and the original links will work as long as its Azure hosted, but you should update the links to use www.cloudcasts.net so they don’t break if I move it to another platform.
I’ve added a couple of new webcasts, Visual Studio 2010 WCF Project Templates and Book Review – SOA Patterns with BizTalk Server 2009 (great book by the way). The book review is an experiment, if it’s popular I will maybe do some more. (If you would like me to review any books, please contact me. I make a point of reading most of the book before doing the review, so the throughput will probably be about one per month.)
I’m still on the lookout for new contributors, so if you want to have a go, grab a copy of Camtasia (there’s a 30 day full featured free trial version which should allow you to get a few webcasts done). Try to keep them to around 20 minutes, (the limit of the average developer attention span :-), you can always do a few short ones instead of one long one. Please contact me if you have anything to add, the update functionality on the site is not too hot.