Just a little note for myself this one.
At one of my customers where it is still BizTalk 2006 one of the build servers is intermittently getting issues so I wanted to run a script periodically to clean things up a little. The below script is an example of how you can stop cruise control and all of the biztalk services, then clean the biztalk databases and reset the backup process and then click everything off again.
This should keep the server a little cleaner and reduce the number of builds that occasionally fail for adhoc environmental issues.

REM Server Clean Script

REM ===================

REM This script is ran to move the build server back to a clean state

echo Stop Cruise Control

net stop CCService

echo Stop IIS

iisreset /stop

echo Stop BizTalk Services

net stop BTSSvc$<Name of BizTalk Host>

<Repeat for other BizTalk services>

echo Stop SSO

net stop ENTSSO

echo Stop SQL Job Agent


echo Clean Message Box

sqlcmd -E -d BizTalkMsgBoxDB -Q “Exec bts_CleanupMsgbox”

sqlcmd -E -d BizTalkMsgBoxDB -Q “Exec bts_PurgeSubscriptions”

echo Clean Tracking Database

sqlcmd -E -d BizTalkDTADb -Q “Exec dtasp_CleanHMData”

echo Reset TDDS Stream Status

sqlcmd -E -d BizTalkDTADb -Q “Update TDDS_StreamStatus Set lastSeqNum = 0”

echo Force Full Backup

sqlcmd -E -d BizTalkMgmtDB -Q “Exec sp_ForceFullBackup”

echo Clean Backup Directory

del E:\BtsBackups\*.* /q

echo Start SSO

net start ENTSSO

echo Start SQL Job Agent


echo Start BizTalk Services

net start BTSSvc$<Name of BizTalk Host>

<Repeat for other BizTalk services>

echo Start IIS

iisreset /start

echo Start Cruise Control

net start CCService