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I hope you enjoy the content we post on this blog. I’ll be giving a talk at the upcoming TechEd conference in LA, going through some Silverlight 3 content similar to what we have been posting here. If you’re attending TechEd, check out:

SOA03-INT Interacting with Web Services Using Microsoft Silverlight

Yavor Georgiev
Tue 5/12 | 4:30 PM-5:45 PM | Blue Theater 2
300 – Advanced, Middle Tier Platform and Tools, SOA and Business Processes, TLC Interactive Theater

Learn how easy it is to utilize POX, REST, RSS, ATOM, JSON, and SOAP services in your Silverlight 2 mash-up application. Hear best practices for developing and consuming secure services within and across domain boundaries. Experience new features in the upcoming Silverlight 3 release including optimized binary communication format, improved support for server- to-client "push" scenarios and new security features.

If you have not registered, you still have the opportunity to do so:

If you do attend, make sure you let me know you’re a reader of our blog I’d love to hear any feedback you have.