If you’ve worked with BAM and the BAM Portal in BizTalk 2006 you’ve noticed that the PivotTables in the My Views – Aggegations section shows up with ugly names like PivotTable13, PivotTable14, etc.  This is fine when you are doing POCs with a small number of Views/PivotTables but it can quickly become confusing – and more importantly these names aren’t appropriate when you’re deploying a real BAM solution to end users.


If you want to change these names before you deploy your BAM Definition you need to:

  • Export the BAM Definition to XML using the BAM menu in Excel.
  • Open the exported BAM Definition
  • Update each /BAMDefinition/Extension/OWC/PivotTableView/PivotTable/PivotView/Label/Caption element’s text to use a more appropriate name; note that this applies to both Real-Time aggregations and scheduled aggregations.


Now when deploying the BAM Definition, use the .xml version of it and then you will see your version of the PivotTable names in the My Views section of the BAM Portal.