In Workflow Foundation 4.5 in the .Net Framework 4.5 it is possible to use C# as your expression lanugage, but how do you change it for a workflow that has been upgraded from .Net Framework 4.0?

There are two ways. One is to create a new workflow in your project (this assumes that your project is based on the C# project template) and copy the shapes/recreate over to the new workflow and afterwards you have to change each expression to the C# language.

Another option is to open the file in XML mode and add the following attribute to the root element: sap2010:ExpressionActivityEditor.ExpressionActivityEditor=”C#”.

You still have to go into each expression to change from C# to Visual Basic code. You don’t even get any compiler errors. It would be nice if this were better in the next version, but most likely not.

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