I would like to make a small announcement… today we publicly announced the birth of a brand new Belgian BizTalk User Group, called BTUG.be! We were planning something like this for quite some time now, and you even might have picked up some rumours about it in the past. But as of today it is official, Belgium now has its very own BizTalk User Group.

I’m proud to say that I’m one of the co-founders of this BTUG.be. Together with Sam Vanhoutte we have started this initiative under excellent guidance of Lex Hegt, who shared his knowledge he gained with the Dutch BizTalk User Group.
And to start out, we wanted to make it a joined collaboration of the Belgian BizTalk Community. In this spirit we are glad that also i8c decided to support the initiative and Sven Van den brande agreed to fulfill our board of the BTUG.be. So that makes the all new Belgian BizTalk User Group will be worked out as a joined effort by Cnext, Codit and i8c with in the board at startup myself, Sam Vanhoutte and Sven Van den brande.
I’m already looking forward on having a great time working together with these guys organising all upcoming events.

A very first launch event is being planned to have place in november. For keeping up to date on all matters of this BTUG.be, I’ll recommend you subscribe to the mailing list on the website http://www.btug.be and even keep a close eye to the website for all announcements. And certainly don’t forget to follow our twitter account @BTUGbe.

And last of all, I would like to call out for sponsors… As the entire organization will be driven on volunteer work. So to cover all the necessary costs we will need to make for hosting events, catering, travel expenses in case of international speakers, etc. we are on the lookout for sponsors to keep it fun and free for everyone. You can always contact us on any questions or to share your interest for sponsoring using this entry form on the website.