BizTalk ’Cloud’ Services – BizTalk in the Cloud
With recent developments and BizTalk 2009 on the horizon, I thought we’d look
at just what all these ’cloud services’ mean and understand the term ’cloud computing’

What’s cooking this month for the group?
This month we have Scott
Scovell (BizTalk Virtual TS)
presenting on a very exciting new shift in computing
Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

You might be thinking – “What does this do for me?”

Well….(far too much for me dictate here)…but imagine if you can:

–       Connect seamlessly between clients and yourself
(including firewalls etc)

–       Switch and deploy in house processes dynamically
to ’the cloud’

–       Point to Point and Multicast messaging in the
cloud between clients + server processes (i.e. similar to BTS filter messaging)

–       Push Workflows up in to the cloud….moving
off premises and take advantage of the Cloud’s computing power.

Alot of all this is based on the WCF Framework – you can start taking advantage
of this today!

For e.g. in BTS (R2 or 2009), you can create a ’httpContextRelayBinding’ bound Receive
Location, and you’ve now got an endpoint that can be called from anywhere (security
permitting), from client’s networks and your own.

There’s a huge amounts of smarts around all of this, but I look at them in the light
that alot of ISPs offer Virtual Hosting – “Here’s a box and do what you will with
it”. You’re then responsible for O/S, Web Setup, maybe DNS, etc etc etc.
In the Cloud – MS give a very granular degree of control by electing
WCF Services, Workflows, Endpoints, Security, ServiceBus etc etc – that we can dedicate
1 or 100 CPUs to (at ’the flick of a switch’). Redundancy, fault tolerance and even
Geographic redundancy (e.g. engage some nodes in Greenland to run your apps – maybe
closer to your clients)

Main Event on the night:
Utilising Microsoft Azure from BizTalk 2006 R2 (+ beyond)

Scott will cover:

1.      Building blocks of Azure Cloud Computing.

2.      Getting Started with Azure

3.      BizTalk talking to the Cloud

4.      Lots of demos!

Meeting details:

When: Nov 26, Food at 6pm, kick off 6.30pm. Finish up around 8.30pm.
Where: Microsoft
1 Epping Road
Riverside Corporate Park
North Ryde NSW 2113 Australia.
(parking available)
Speaker: Scott Scovell

What’s happening in the BizTalk Community:
The combined user group leaders & I are setting up a Shared Folder in the
’Mesh’, where we’ll be holding all the presentations across the User Groups (&
other files). I’ll let you know when our testing is done.

(BTW – this lets you have a local folder on your machine that automatically gets synced
up to the ’Mesh’. Easy peasy…I’m hoping)
Share the User Group Soap Box:
I always welcome a new voice and ideas at our group – if you want to share
your experiences, thoughts, “I wish I can do….. for my solution…”. Then contact
me and I’ll be more than happy to slot you in.
Q. Do you need to have presentation skills: No (just look at me) – can you
tell a story in the office or at the pub? Or at a 3 yr old party? – then I want
Q. Do I need a PowerPoint Slide Deck? – no!!! *death by powerpoint*
is a painful way to go……
Q. Can you capture my ’best’ side? We take you whichever way you are. J

We’re up for a great night – come along and learn how to make your BizTalk
solutions go a long way.

See you there and let me know your coming

Mick (mb: 0404 842 833)