Sometimes when you have a published WCF Service, you may just want to allow that service
to provide a description about itself – rather than go through yet another wizard
(re-run the WCF Publishing wizard) to expose out some metadata.

I’ve been doing alot of R2 lately and this exact problem came up. Fortunately I found
a quick and easy way.

Simply add the following lines to your Web.Config before the </Configuration>
(take it out when you’re finished)


<behavior name=”ServiceBehaviorConfiguration”>
<serviceDebug httpHelpPageEnabled=”true” httpsHelpPageEnabled=”false” includeExceptionDetailInFaults=”false”
<serviceMetadata httpGetEnabled=”true” httpsGetEnabled=”false” />
<!– Note: the service name must match the configuration name for the service implementation.
<service name=”Microsoft.BizTalk.Adapter.Wcf.Runtime.BizTalkServiceInstance” behaviorConfiguration=”ServiceBehaviorConfiguration”>
<endpoint name=”HttpMexEndpoint” address=”mex” binding=”mexHttpBinding” bindingConfiguration=””
contract=”IMetadataExchange” />
<!–<endpoint name=”HttpsMexEndpoint” address=”mex” binding=”mexHttpsBinding”
bindingConfiguration=”” contract=”IMetadataExchange” />–>


It doesn’t get easier – enjoy!