As part of a blog entry back in April I mentioned a problem some folks were having with RNIFSend pages. Here’s the blog link (check the bottom of the post). 

At the time I could not confirm the problem can happen with Windows 03 (x32 and x64). The issue has been confirmed with the latest service packs/security updates for Windows 03 SP2. The send page will attempt to use TLS first (not SSL 3.0). Also, immediately after the “Client Hello” in the network trace the conversation shows “Encrypted Alert” and the communication ends.

If web page tracing has been added it will show “Underlying connection was closed”. The fix is the same. Add a line of code to the RNIFSend page to force the use of SSL 3.0.

ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = SecurityProtocolType.Ssl3; (add this)

//rest of the code

HttpWebRequest outerRequest = null;

ErrorLevel level = ErrorLevel.ProxyToOuterFailure;

The location is not critical. Keeping it close to the other connection related code is a good idea. Copy the existing virtual folders as a backup. Deploy the new send page and test.