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It’s been awhile since a BizTalk title hit the market. Colin, Mahindra, Mark and Johann updated Richard Seroter’s well received book SOA Patterns with BizTalk Server 2009. I loved Richards’s book and it inspired me to write a book myself. We have met on several occasions. And last year I had the privilege of meeting Mark and Johann in person in Sydney. Both are enthusiastic integration professionals that with Colin and Mahindra’s aid created and updated this book. Excellent work guys, and respect as writing a book is a challenge!

This book covers BizTalk, WCF, JSON and Rest Support in BizTalk, Azure BizTalk Services, Azure Service Bus, SOA, Schema’s and Endpoints, Asynchronous Communication Patterns, Versioning-, Orchestration Patterns, Frameworks and Tools. That is a broad spectrum of today’s integration capabilities on the Microsoft Platform (on premise and cloud).

If you are new to, intermediate- or well versed in the integration, this book is going to give you more insight into Microsoft’s integration world. The thoughts of these experienced authors and Richard original transcript will help you on your journey to build sustainable integration solutions. Especially now landscape around us is changing fast and integration has become key to success for enterprises to survive.

You read this book in your hand, read on your tablet or computer while enjoying a beer. It’s worth the investment and beneficial to your career in integration. Buy the book online at Packt Online Store, Amazon or perhaps your local bookstore.

Thanks Richard, Colin, Johann, Mark and Mahindra.