I’ve just published version 1.0 of “Bloggers Guide to Connected Systems”, which will be covering the Oslo, WCF/WF 4.0, Dublin and Azure technologies. The first version has 24 articles from some of the leading developers working with Connected Systems technologies, including members of the “Oslo” team.
It is expected that the guide will grow on a monthly basis as more people start working and blogging about the new technologies, and should be a valuable resource for newbies and experienced developers.
The bloggers that are included so far are Darren Jefford, Charles Young, Andreas Erben, Imran Shafqat, Don Box, Brian Losegen, Aaron Skonnard, Jeff “Pinkey” Pinkston and Martin Fowler. If you have been blogging about Connected Systems technologies, and would like to be included, feel free to contact me via the blog. There’s no additional work involved form your part, and all contributions are acknowledged.