Hey everyone, I’ve finally managed to upload the v2006_R2 release. Its actually a rather small release and i know i’ve got to sort out my version numbering really soon. I promise to do that in the next release. I’ve been struggling with a VPC from hell that just crawls all the time and doesnt let me write any code at all and combined with the general lumbering behemoth that is VSTS, i’m just about stuffed  Since i dont have anything installed on my base laptop(and the workstation in the office wont allow me to connect to CodePlex)   i’m forced to work with the VM and i’ve spent long nights just disabling services and trying to get it to perform, but it wont. Ok, thats enough of my rant for the day.

new release has the first cut of entlib logging added in and a new
“MapExecutingStep” to test maps. The AltovaXmlValidateStep has also been
enhanced and it now allows the user to specify whether the file is expected to
fail or pass the validation (to cater to scenarios where we need to test invalid
files). I’ve also added in some strongnamed EntLib2.0 dlls and a snk file into the References folder. You can of course choose to use your own entlib dlls. There is no separate test as such for entlib logging and the same test base is run and the system logs to a logfile specified in the config file for the tests.exe. I’m thinking of making the core libraries as exe’s because we can add references to exe’s now and this way i can supply a set of entlib config files with the library if people are interested.

Check it out and let me know if you encounter any problems. If you open
the solution and the system complains about not being able to locate TFS just
let it remove all the bindings. When you run the tests the perfmon test still fails but thats because there are some hardcoded paths in the tests that i inherited and i still havent had time to fix them. But the step works so ignore the failing test.

The next version will incorporate the latest from Kevin Smiths core code base and i will make all the modifications needed to the BizUnit() and Context() classes, or i may just add another BizUnitEx() class and a ContextEx() class so i can continue making my changes without breaking any of his code. I’ll also try and make all the properties public. From reading the description on his releases page and blog, it appears that Kevin is planning to do more stuff with BizUnit and im still waiting to hear from him about the possibility of collaborating. If i dont hear soon, then i guess it will be time to make a hard decision about whether to continue with the “extensions” tag for this project or just move to a completely separate code-base. Do stop by on the forums and let me know what you think about this.

Anyway, i hope you find the latest code base useful.