So after several cribs and rants about BizUnit, a while ago i decided to take matters into my own hands and went through the code base with a fine tooth comb and worked out what exactly it does and doesnt do.  I then wrote up a tutorial on the context object and have been intending to post it here for a long time. Finally i got round to it this evening as i was prodded by an email from someone who wants to check it out. So i have put up an article on this site and its available at (

From the introduction :

BizUnit is a very extensible testing framework. One of the core elements of BizUnit is the Context object. Unfortunately the documentation does not explain how users can take advantage of it and it is left to developers to try and understand it from NDoc samples scattered around in the documentation.

This tutorial introduces the Context object and how it can be used in BizUnit based testing. It uses examples from the official documentation wherever applicable and supplements it where the information in the documentation is not very clear. It will not replicate the list of methods and properties etc, so for an exhaustive reference, please refer back to the documentation. This is the first in a series of articles on BizUnit.

Disclaimers & Misc stuff

The word template i used was really cool but the formatting available on this site is very limited so it looks rather poor and there is no provision for attaching entire documents, so please excuse the appearance of the article.  I have applied for a CodePlex project where I intend to put the articles and other tutorials as well as the code for the new steps we have written. As soon as that is available i will let you folks know.

I welcome any comments on this article and suggestions for improvement.

(Btw, I wonder if its my browser, but something appears to have happened to the rendering on this main page. All the posts are skewed in format)