Just a quick note to say that Kevin has a beta release of BizUnit 2.3 on http://www.codeplex.com/bizunit. I had a look at the alpha version earlier and i must say that it looks pretty good. Theres a bunch of additions to the BizUnit() and Context() classes including the ability to pass a Stream to the BizUnit constructor which looks like a nice way to break the dependency on the raw XML. We now have the chance to use the Context in more depth including setting up property values into the Context and passing that into the BizUnit constructor.

I’ve queried about the documentation and whether CHMs will continue to be the only sources there. If so, then i plan to write more articles in the BizUnitExtensions project to cover the new stuff.

I havent had a chance to test extensions against this release, but there is definitely a breaking change in that the Context HasKey() and Change() methods that are used by some extension steps are not available anymore, but the good news is that the ContextManipulator step appears to work, so i guess i can change the code in the appropriate steps to use this step instead of Context Change, or i can move the context change and haskey() into the extension steps. Lets see how it turns out. I should be able to re-release an updated version of extensions as soon as 2.3 is complete.

Anyway, grab your copy of the latest BizUnit and test it out and post your feedback on the codeplex site. Enjoy…