I’ve been traveling the world (ok technically traveling to Redmond, London or Dublin)
teaching BizTalk Server 2006 R2 training.  I have some interesting posts planned
around the technology in R2 – this post is about a tool I built quite a while ago
– and that Carlos Medina improved.  I’ve been doing demos around BizTalk and
one of the tedious things I find when developing with BizTalk is that there isn’t
anyway to “auto-sign” a BizTalk project.  If you’ve ever seen me demo BizTalk
– I always at some point create a BizTalk project – and I have a tool under the Tools
menu in Visual Studio which autogenerates a .snk file and puts in the proper path
to that file in my project settings.  Another thing I’ve done since building
that tool is work alot with vsi files in Visual Studio (template files) which allow
you to package up a addin, template, or macro into a nice easy to install package. 
So here is the latest BizTalkGenerateStrongName code as well as a vsi.  Just
download and double-click the vsi – and you should get a new tool the next time you
open Visual Studio.  Highlight your BizTalk project in the solution explorer
– then hit the BizTalkGenerateStrongName command under the Tools menu.  Enjoy.

(60.61 KB)

(19.88 KB)