With our 3.2 release we restructured the navigation menu to make it bit more simpler. The LHS shows the old navigation and the RHS showing the new navigation (Data folder).

In the above screens, Chrome and IE are actually accessing the same resource (URL). IE is smart enough to refresh the new Silverlight XAP files and display the new navigation tree, whereas Chrome is still referring to the old xap file.

The solution to this problem is to clear the browser cache, you can follow the below instructions.

Go to Options>Under the Bonnet> Clear Browsing Data, which will bring the following screen

Just select "Empty the cache" option and click "Clear browsing data". After that you open a new instance of Chrome and navigate to BizTalk360 as normal. You can notice it’s displaying the new navigation now.

There are few ways to tackle this problem permanently, we’ll do a small incremental release to address this problem soon.


Saravana Kumar

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