Our new 5.0 feature coming in October 2012 release.

The idea behind process monitoring is simple, you are expected to receive certain amount of messages via your receive location or expected to send certain amount of messages via your send port in your BizTalk environment. If that doesn?t happen then there is a business implication and someone needs to be notified. That?s exactly what process monitoring all about.
Let?s take a look at some example scenarios.

  • Your trading partner sends you some files via FTP every day. If you receive the file, everything works smoothly, but what happens if there is a problem on your partner end (ex: some firewall patch) and you didn?t receive any messages from them for couple of days.
  • Similarly on the transmit/send side, you are supposed to send so many messages per hour, or per business day to your back end systems like SAP or to your trading partners.
  • You may want to keep an eye on the sales threshold, for ex: you expect to receive certain volume of messages in your system every business day from your trading partner(s).

BizTalk360 process monitoring is designed to help customers tackle the above scenarios, without any custom development. You can configure it within few minutes, you can read the full story and detailed options in our blog. Sample screen shot below:

Saravana Kumar