In UK we got a policy of shifting the bank holidays that comes in the middle of the week to following Monday, so people can have an extended weekend. Last year’s 1st May bank holiday was shifted to 2nd May, on that day we released our very first version of BizTalk360 CTP to public. Today is 7th May, alternative to 2012’s 1st May holiday.

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We introduced BizTalk360 with a very powerful tag line "Worlds first BizTalk production support and monitoring tool". We clearly understood, being first doesn’t mean anything (Google is not the first search engine, iPOD is not the first MP3 player and Windows is not the first GUI OS to give few examples). It’s all about innovation and constant improvement that either makes or breaks the product.

In the following chart we summarize our improvement over the last 1 year. We release 4 major versions in the past 1 year. We simply didn’t increase the version number for every simple updates, each version came with substantial functionality that ease the life of BizTalk administrators and support people in a day to day activity.

v1.0 v2.1 v2.5 v3.2 v4.0 BETA
Release Date May-11 Aug-11 Oct-11 Feb-12 May-12
1 Web based console        
2 Application management        
3 Advanced Authorization        
4 Governance/Auditing        
5 Topology        
6 BAM Portal        
7 Query Instances        
8 Advanced Event Viewer        
9 Dashboards        
10 Platform Settings        
11 SQL Instance view        
12   Monitoring/Notification      
13   Clustered Host Instances Handling      
14     Knowledgebase    
15     Role based Security    
16     Message Box Viewer Integration    
17     Monitoring/Notification Improvements    
18       Graphical Message Flow  
19       Throttling Analyser  
20       SMS Alerting  
21       Tracking Manager  
22       Advanced Event View Improvements  
23         Custom SQL Queries
24         Monitoring plugin architecture
25         Monitoring Enhancements

In the past 1 year we got customers over 10 countries, covering various industry sectors. Most of the customers are large scale enterprise customers, some of them are well known retail brands. Never thought the shirts I wear and the world famous trainers I use for my tennis (companies) will become my customers one day!!.

I whole heartedly thank every one who helped us to achieve this milestone. All my MVP and community friends, my close family and friends. We haven’t paused yet, we already started planning for what’s coming after 4.0 (keep tuned).

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Saravana Kumar