Yesterday we announced the immediate availability of BizTalk360 V4.0, you can download it and start using it straight away from here

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One of the major improvements we have made for BizTalk360 v4.0 is extending our monitoring capabilities.

In previous version, customers were able to monitor all the artifacts related to BizTalk Applications (send ports, receive locations, orchestrations, and host instances status) + they can set alerts based on Message box viewer report (when critical or non-critical errors above certain level). But with BizTalk360 v4.0, customers can monitor and get alerted in various areas as listed below

1. BizTalk Applications (simple)
2. BizTalk Applications (Advanced)

  • Send Ports
  • Receive Locations
  • Orchestrations

3. BizTalk Servers

  • NT Services
  • Disks
  • Event Logs
  • System Resources (CPU, Memory)

4. SQL Instances

  • SQL Jobs

5. BizTalk Environment

  • Host Instances
  • Web Endpoints (WCF/SOAP services, HTTP endpoints)

6. Message Box Viewer

We have written a detailed blog post with lots of pictures showing various functionalities in detail in our new official BizTalk360 blog

Now BizTalk360 got it’s own blog (, please subscribe to get regular updates on our progress.


Saravana Kumar