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BizTalk360 booth at Inspire 2017 Redmond

If you ever needed proof that BizTalk360, the company, had arrived on the global stage, our presence at Microsoft Inspire 2017 in Washington DC, USA (9-13 July) was evidence enough.

An audience consisting of 18,000 Microsoft Partners, a Convention Centre the size of 2 football stadiums, a keynote speech by Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft…need I go on?

Microsoft Inspire 2017 Stadium

It is clear that BizTalk360 now has the confidence to approach such events with a certain swagger – we belong in such esteemed company and we will continue to aim high.

Admittedly taking a booth for the first time at such an event is a challenge to a company of our size and the results of people stopping by to talk to us will become evident in the coming months. We are pleased to say in 3 days we had a lot of meaningful conversations. It was exciting to explain our story and products to Microsoft Partners from as far afield as China, Singapore, Slovenia, and Romania. The goal for us in attending such event is mainly around the brand building for ServiceBus360 and BizTalk360 and to explore new partnerships opportunities, sometimes in countries where we are not represented.

ServiceBus360 demo at Inspire 2017 booth

Arun, my colleague, and I were lucky to be able to accompany Saravana, CEO, on this adventure. However, it would not have happened without the efforts of all the BizTalk360 Team,  we were supported by a massive team effort behind the scenes. The booth was immaculately laid out thanks to the efforts of the Marketing Team who designed the banners and backboards. The brochures we handed out looked top notch – I could go on – all in all, it felt like all 50 of us were on show to the world and we passed with flying colours.

We stood shoulder to shoulder with some of the most innovative minds and products. Our existing Partners were proud to be associated with our brand and spent some time with us at the booth. CEOs and Sales Directors from Matricis (Canada), Sword (France), Mexia (Australia), Codit (NL, France & UK), Solidsoft Reply (UK), Motion10 (NL), IT Synergy (Colombia), Integration Team (Belgium), Cellenza (France), Elisa (Finland) and Microsoft Product Managers like Jim Harrer and Kevin Lam all stopped at our booth and posed for a photo opportunity – please see our social media output.

Furthermore, I should add all of us had a huge amount of fun and I am grateful for the opportunity to see the beautiful city of Washington DC for the second time in my life.

Microsoft should be congratulated for putting on such a great show – the after-parties included an evening at the Natural History Museum and a concert by the American singer, Carrie Underwood, at the Baseball Stadium.

Participation at Microsoft Inspire 2018 in Las Vegas depends to a large extent on the results from Microsoft Inspire 2017. It was, if you pardon the pun, inspiring and we are honoured to be part of the global Microsoft community.

In conclusion, all the efforts of the BizTalk360/ServiceBus360 team to help us present such unique products with innovative features in such a professional way to a global audience is to be applauded.

Well done everyone!

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Author: Duncan Barker

Duncan is the Business Development Manager of BizTalk360, committed to spreading the word about the difference BizTalk360 can make to your company and trying to expand the whole BizTalk360 community. He is responsible for coordinating the company’s outbound message and welcomes any enquiry from BizTalk users to discuss how they can connect with us.