Hello Reader,

I’m still experiencing intermittent problems with biztalk247 hosting from my ISP. Most of the time things are out of my control.

Recently I been spending lot of time with the ISP customer care, they are not sure about the root cause for the problem, they promised they are putting monitoring in place to identify it.

Whenever the problem happens the fix is simple, I need to restart few of their hosting services. But its hard work to just keep an eye on the status of the server.

I enhanced my blog aggregator component this weekend to send me a notification email whenever its polling for new content. If I don’t receive the email within few hours gap I know something is not correct on the server. I hope this is just a temporary thing and doesn’t carry forever.

Moving to an different ISP is not an easy choice due to the nature of the site, but if things doesn’t improve I really don’t have much choice.

I got some really cool stuff implemented recently to improve the site, but reliability problem just scars me a bit to release it.

Keep tuned, I’ll try to sort this out ASAP. Again apologies for all the inconvenience.