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I just wanted to let everyone know that BizTalk Terminator is now also available as a part of BizTalk Health Monitor (BHM) – the new BizTalk tool that integrates MBV and Terminator functionality into an MMC Snap-In that you can run as a part of your BizTalk Admin Console.

Update:  Final version of standalone Terminator released.
More info here – including a comparison of the 2 versions of Terminator.

Terminator functionality can be found in BHM’s Maintenance node:

  • You must be on BHM v3 or above to get the Terminator functionality
  • Get BHM from
  • See here for a walkthrough of BHM v3 functionality – including Terminator integration.
  • See the BHM blog at for more information on BHM.
  • So far, I’ve included the most popular Terminator tasks in BHM and plan to add more over time
  • BHM officially supports BizTalk 2010, 2013, 2013R2, and 2016.
  • I’m going to continue updating standalone Terminator for now and it is still available here. 
  • At some point, I’ll probably end up creating a final build of the standalone version and move all new development to BHM.  I’ll update this blog once that decision is made.
  • Standalone Terminator tool is no longer being updatedThe final version of standalone Terminator is v2.5.  All new development (including BTS2016 support) is happening in BHM Terminator. 
  • MBV is no longer being updated and the last update to it was in July 2014.  To make sure you are using the latest MBV repository with the latest rules/queries, be sure to move to BHM.