BizTalk team is pleased to announce the general availability of BizTalk Services to all customers .You can read more about it in Scott Guthrie’s blog. This announcement comes after the successful June Preview on which many of our customers are already live today.

BizTalk Services in GA offers an amazing set of capabilities for customers to build rich EAI and B2B integration scenarios on Azure.  Customer can access the GA bits from the Windows Azure Management portal

Key capabilities include

  • Rich Integration scenarios for Application Integration
  • Hybrid connectivity to on-premises LOBs
  • Business-to-Business Partner management

Following are some improvements since preview

  • Provisioning
    • Auto Generate ACS
    • Support for self-signed certs
  • New regions support
    • Develop and Manage
    • EDI in Basic and Standard SKUs
    • Authentication property/SAS support for connecting to SB Queue/Topic, property based configuration for SB entities.
    • DB query performance improvements for tracking
    • Multiple Live ID support in BizTalk Portal
    • Multiple deployment per Live ID in BizTalk portal
    • Support for AS2 with trusted root certs in HTTPS
  • Tools
    • SDK and BAS setup experience
    • Backup and Restore of per tenant configuration
    • Agreement migration tool from BizTalk Server
    • Map migration tool from BizTalk Server

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