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It’s been some time since I created the BizTalk Server SSO Application Configuration tool. The tool is available for several versions of BizTalk Server. It provides the ability to add and manage applications, add and manage key-value pairs in the SSO database, and import and export configuration applications to be deployed to different environments.

However, and although I love this tool, there is a significant limitation. It is a Windows application tool. So, most of the time, we need remote access to the BizTalk Server machines to access the tool to be able to read or change these values inside the SSO Applications.

To bypass this limitation, we create a Web version of this tool. The tool has almost the same features available as the traditional windows tool:

  • You can securely export and import Application configurations and it is compatible with MSFT SSO snap-in;
  • You can duplicate Applications (copy and past);
  • You can rename Applications;
  • You can easily add new key-values;
  • You can edit key-values;

Other versions

This tool is also available in the format of Windows Application for the following BizTalk Server versions:



You can download BizTalk Server SSO Application Configuration Web Tool from GitHub here:

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