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BizTalk Server leverages the Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities for securely storing critical information such as secure configuration properties (for example, the proxy user ID, and proxy password) for the BizTalk adapters. Therefore, the BizTalk Server requires SSO to work properly.

But it also can keep your own application configuration data in the SSO database, let say the usual configurations that we normally keep in a configuration file (“app.config”)). Unfortunately, there is no command-line tool to allow you to script the deployment SSO Application Configurations or perform CI/CD thru DevOps.

BizTalk Server SSO Application Configuration CLI

BizTalk Server SSO Application Configuration CLI is a command-line tool that provides the ability to import SSO configuration applications – key-value pairs in the SSO database – that can be deployed to different environments. This way enables you to script these tasks.

This tool is designed to address this gap allowing you to:

  • You can securely import Application configurations by using this CLI application;

And it mandatory accepts 5 arguments:

  • Path: full path to the .sso file
  • Password: password to unencrypted the .sso file
  • Contact Info: Internal field that is normally in the format of an email that is used internally in SSO tables for Application Configurations
  • Application User Account: SSO Affiliate Administrators Group or the Group that will access (read) key.values, for example: BizTalk Application Users.
  • Application Admin Account: SSO Administrator Group – Administrators of the Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) service.



You can download BizTalk Server SSO Application Configuration Tool from GitHub here:

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