In case you have missed it, about two weeks ago a few members of the BizTalk Server and the SQL Server Customer Advisory Teams (CAT) have released to Codeplex, a vey useful BizTalk performance benchmarking tool.

The BizTalk Benchmark Wizard checks the performance of your BizTalk Server installation using pre-existing scenarios and validates it against some known results. Essentially it provides an answer to the question:” Are you getting the most throughput performance out of of your BizTalk Server installation?”
If the answer is no – you better follow the BizTalk Server 2009 Performance Optimization Guide.

The idea for the tool was conceived by BizTalk MVP Mikael Hakansson and the actual project involved a few Microsoft employees: Ewan Fairweather from the BizTalk Server CAT and  other members from the SQL Server CAT.

For a full description of the project check out these blog posts:

For more information:
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How to install:
Benchmark your BizTalk Server (Part 2)

Drill Down on the Wizard:
Benchmark your BizTalk Server (Part 3)

The Wizard is very simple to install and use.

So start using the it and make sure you get the most out of your BizTalk Server!