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On the first blog post of this series I address a “strange” behavior – maybe strange is not the best work. They are not issues, but definitely, they could have a better user experience – about No user is logged in.

Today we are going to address a new one, make note that all of them will be related to the Logic App Adapter Azure Authentication (Sign-in to Azure) that you can find on the Endpoint Address Configuration Logic App Details Page

to Azure doesn’t respond

I work a lot with several clients in Portugal and outside Portugal. If it was already expected before this COVID-19 pandemic, it is now almost mandatory to work with several VPNs tools and configurations to access their environments.

Some of these VPN configurations allow me to continue to have internet access on my laptop. Others have this annoying behavior to cut access to the internet. In the current world situation with homework that we are, or need to be, online to speak with the team and clients, having no internet access because of a VPN is not a good situation. To avoid this situation or have a better experience, aka not stay offline, I usually install these VPN tools on my Virtual Machines. By doing this strategy, my laptop stays with internet access, but my VM doesn’t have. And it was in one of these situations I found this “strange” behavior.

When I access my Logic App Send Port configuration details on BizTalk Server Administration Console, I try to click several times on the Sign-in to Azure button:

But to my surprise, without any response or action to be presented. It seems that the button was not responding. Sometimes, after a few minutes, a blank pop-up window appears, but it disappears after a minute or so. And this without presenting any error or warning message!

I then realized that I was connected to a VPN, and my machine was without internet access:

Of course, when I turned off the VPN and my VM had access to the internet again, everything started to work as expected.

This is simply a bad user experience implementation. It should at least pop up a warning message that couldn’t connect with Azure or to the internet.

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