If you have been wondering why we have been quiet for so long – well we have been busy lately and for a good reason – within a week from now we are going to present some very exciting sessions and demos at the Professional Developers Conference in LA.

The first session will provide a sneak peak to BizTalk’s future with a demo of some cool innovations that will dramatically enhance BizTalk developer productivity and will make BizTalk more appealing to .NET developers using WF and WCF technologies.

Following are the details of the BizTalk sessions:

Session title: Microsoft BizTalk Server Futures and Roadmap

Speaker: Balasubramanian Sriram in 502A on Tuesday at 3:00 PM

Abstract: Learn how BizTalk Server 2009 lets you focus on writing the code to do the hardcore business logic and let BizTalk take care of moving the data. Hear how your development skills with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) work seamlessly with the powerful integration platform of BizTalk. Find out how BizTalk aligns with the Microsoft application server in the longer term.


Session title: Connecting Applications with the Microsoft BizTalk Enterprise Service Bus

Speakers: Syed Rasheed, Dmitri Ossipov in 515B on Tuesday at 4:30 PM

Abstract: See how the BizTalk Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) enables you to build services that can be quickly located and connected, whether they live behind the firewall or in the cloud, without creating a brittle point-to-point link. Learn how to dramatically improve the service lifecycle of development, testing, and deployment by using the powerful messaging, routing, and transformation capabilities of the BizTalk ESB in your solution today, and get a glimpse of future plans for BizTalk service bus/pub-sub pattern.

Additionally we will host the following interesting chalk talk:

Title:  BizTalk and StreamInsight: A Better Together Story (Session 3 – Theatre Chalk Talk on Tuesday at 1:00 pm)

Speaker: Mark Simms

Abstract: SQL Server 2008 R2 introduces StreamInsight, providing a powerful platform for developing and deploying complex event processing (CEP) applications.  Come and learn how StreamInsight can be used to enable new capabilities in BizTalk for providing real-time monitoring and analytics for infrastructure and business events at scale.


Also at PDC we are hosting the following two BizTalk labs:

  • Introduction to BizTalk Server 2009 Demo: Process Automation Solution with SharePoint & WF (lab code: SRV001)
  • Introduction to the BizTalk ESB Toolkit: Providing Service Integration Agility  (lab code: SRV002)


Last but not least stop by the BizTalk demo booth in the Microsoft Products Pavilion if you want to chat with members of the BizTalk product team and other BizTalk experts. We will be presenting cool demos and would love to help you figure out how to leverage the most of BizTalk Server regardless of your level of knowledge of the product.

You can also meet us at the “Ask the Experts” session on Wednesday 5:30 – 7:00 PM.

See you next week,


The BizTalk team.