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Recently I was challenged by my dear friend Wagner Silveira, to create another BizTalk Server sticker for INTEGRATE 2020 London, this time for BizTalk Server 2020. You may be aware of my previous BizTalk Stickers that you may find it here: Get your BizTalk Server 2016 Stickers!.

BizTalk Server 2016 sticker

Note: personally, this is, without a doubt my favorite.

And of course the infamous badass T-Rex

BizTalk Server 2016 sticker

And the last one here: BizMan, The BizTalk Server Superhero Sticker

BizTalk Server sticker

And of course, this was my answer: @WSilveiraNZ a new BizTalk Server 2020 sticker is being made… just to let you know 🙂 #msbts but then Coen Dijkgraaf joined and asked if the sticker would be available on time for Global Integration Bootcamp?

I was undecided
about whether to publish or wait to INTEGRATE to be a surprise. But I at the
end I decided to create not one but two stickers:

  • On to published during the INTEGRATE event… spam alert: it is awesome!
  • And this one above to publish now in order for you all to grab it and go to a graphics shop to make your BizTalk Sticker. A simple and clean BizTalk Server 2020 sticker identical to the logo that I publish this week: BizTalk Server 2020: a new unofficial logo
BizTalk Server 2020 sticker

This package is a collection of 3 different image formats of the new BizTalk
Server 2020 sticker, two of them are available in vector
format that will allow you to use and resize without losing quality:

  • BizTalkSticker.pdf
  • BizTalkSticker-01.png

All of the
resources are in the original size ready to print in a graphics shop.

Thanks to Cristóvão Silva (Graphic & Web Designer @ DevScope) for helping me creating these resources.

I hope you enjoy!


BizTalk Server 2020 sticker
Microsoft | TechNet Gallery

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