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BizTalk Server 2020 – 20 days, 20 posts – day 20. Finally, the last blog post of this season. What supposed to be 20 blog posts in 20 days has become a challenge difficult to fulfill because of the current circumstances all over the world, in which parents are working from home with their children, also studying from home. Nevertheless, I only needed the double of time (additional 22 days) to finish the initial goal.

And to finalize this season, I reserved the best for the end :). My new BizTalk Server Lord Darth Vader sticker. I wasn’t supposed to share this sticker in this way, the initial intention was to present and give it away (physical sticker) at the INTEGRATE 2020 event in London but do the circumstances and the fact that INTEGRATE 2020 will be an online event now, I decided to share here the support files for you to print it in a graphics shop if you want to have this Welcome To The Dark Side of the force sticker :).

Welcome To The Dark Side of the force

BizTalk Server was always the bad boy of integration, the one that nobody likes (but everyone admires or wish to have its skills). As a reference, the first marketing campaign produced by Microsoft, BizTalk was a T-Rex (a bad boy).

Because I’m a star wars fan, and when I decide to create this new sticker version coincided a little bit as the release of the last film, I decide to create this new Lord BizTalk Darth Vader version maintaining the bad boy concept.

Lord BizTalk Server Darth Vader sticker

This package is a collection of 3 different image formats of the new Lord BizTalk Darth Vader sticker, two of them are available in vector format that will allow you to use and resize without losing quality:

  • BizTalk-Darth-Vader.pdf
  • BizTalk-Darth-Vader-01.png

All of the
resources are in the original size ready to print in a graphics shop.

Thanks to Cristóvão Silva (Graphic & Web Designer @ DevScope) for helping me creating these resources.

I hope you enjoy!

I already have several stickers printed that I will give away in future events or ship for some of you that will organize events.

Lord BizTalk Server Darth Vader sticker

until then, stay safe and stay at home!


Lord BizTalk Darth Vader sticker

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