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The release we have been waiting for is finnaly starting to turn into a full product. Although a lot of the features we’re waiting for as of know the new release brings out a full set of new features. Just the fact that you know can export multiple messages in one bunch, and import bindings without tracking turned on (global setting).

If you want to learn more of BizTalk 2016 and it’s new features take a look at the following two links:

BizTalk Server 2016 – What’s new:

Host Integration Server 2016 – What’s new:

Some key takeaways:

  • Full platform alignment (SQL 2016, Office 2016, Server 2016, Visual Studio 2015)
  • SQL Server Always On support both on-prem and as IaaS in Azure
  • Ordered delivery on dynamic send ports (simple flip switch in the admin console)
  • SHA 2 support
  • SAP Adapter enhancements
  • ServiceBus adapter enhancements
  • MLLP adapter enhancements
  • Import / Export independent from Applications (like parties etc)
  • Configure multiple hosts simultaneously
  • Filter and search for artifacts
  • Save multiple messages at the same time
  • Importing new bindings you are given an option to import the tracking settings

Downloads should be available to the public soon, only invited people have access as of now.