BizTalk forums are an important platform for people to ask and/or answer questions, to start discussion and find solutions to their problems. The BizTalk forums are a part of the BizTalk Server Category in the MSDN forums. This category has a BizTalk Server General, BizTalk Server Adapters and Adapter Pack, BizTalk Server EDI and AS2, BizTalk Server RFID, and BizTalk ESB Toolkit.

I myself have been quite active in the BizTalk Server General and BizTalk Server Adapters and Adapter Pack. However, I am not the only one that is active. There are many others answering questions, which other people ask on these forums. My colleague from motion10 Tomasso Groenendijk is quite active in the ESB Toolkit forum. So today’s story is on him.

Tomasso Groenendijk is a BizTalk consultant at motion10. He is 40 years old and lives in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Tomasso specialized in the realization of applications based on the Microsoft technologies like BizTalk, C# and Web Services.

Tomasso has around 8 years’ experience in the field of BizTalk development. He really likes to design a solution and to develop it. He feels his administrative skills are a bit less.

“I like the ESB Toolkit a lot although it’s not quite finished. I’m very curious how it will soon be integrated into BizTalk 2010 R2!”

Tomasso likes movies. Almost every genre from Science fiction to Westerns and also a little drama. In addition, he likes to cycle. Recently he started his own blog about BizTalk with the emphasis on the ESB toolkit and also on Windows Azure. Tomasso tries to stay up to date in BizTalk and Azure by reading other blogs and experiment with the new features.

A word on my blog and his own contributions:

“I really enjoy reading Steef-Jan’s blog, because he is always trying out the new functionality in BizTalk and Windows Azure. When I have time I like to develop small tools around BizTalk like the sample tool to Test ESB Toolkit Business Rules which is available on Code Gallery.”

In the summer Tomasso tries to cycle in weekends when it is not raining. Just recently he has joined the gym because the fall has begun and he wants to stay in shape. In the winter whenever there is an opportunity he tries to ski (Indoors or somewhere in Europe like Switzerland or France).  

Thanks Tomasso for your time and contributions.

Cheers, Steef-Jan