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A few days ago, I release the latest version of the BizTalk Scheduled Task Adapter optimized for BizTalk Server 2020. Today I merged the changes and improvements made on that version and made it available for BizTalk Server 2016.

What is new?

New schedule capabilities:

  • Capability to set DateTime you want to use on the Timespan schedule type: DateTime.Now or DateTime.UtcNow
  • By adding this capability to chose between DateTime.Now or DateTime.UtcNow, it will address and solve the issues reported regarding unlimited messages being triggered if you are using a different timezone than UTC.
  • The functionality always to trigger the message at 00 seconds and respect the original time set was added again to the Timespan schedule type. The GetNextActivationTime method was improved to fix all these unexpected behaviors reported that indeed was a feature by design.  

BizTalk Scheduled Task Adapter

The BizTalk Scheduled Task Adapter is an in-process receive adapter that executes a prescribed task on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule. The adapter is configured entirely within BizTalk, all configurations are stored within the SSODB and can be exported and imported via binding files.

BizTalk Scheduled Task Adapter

The schedule capabilities are similar to those available with the Windows Scheduled Task Service.

Four simple tasks are included:

  • XmlStringStreamProvider – generates a BizTalk message from a configured Xml string
  • FileStreamProvider – generates a BizTalk message from the contents of a file
  • HttpDownload – generates a BizTalk message from data downloaded from a web site
  • SQLStreamProvider – generates a BizTalk message from the contents of a SQL Query (similar to the old SQL adapter) – Since version 3.0

Custom tasks can be created. Any .NET class that implements the appropriate interface can be scheduled.

Big thanks to Pedro Almeida, my team member, that took 95% of my work and finalize this version!


You can download this “new” version of the adapter in BizTalk Scheduled Task Adapter from GitHub:

Please feel free to use the adapter, and If you find any problems or bugs, please open an issue on the adapter GitHub site: and help evolve this community adapter. You can also suggest new features, and I am also open to new ideas.

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