Since this week BizTalk Processing Monitor is available as a Public Beta. It can be obtained here.

Why use BizTalk Processing Monitor
Depending on how you setup BizTalk Processing Monitor, it helps you, amongst others, with the following needs:

  • Monitoring and notification of any message flow interruptions
  • Get insight in how the BizTalk solution is setup
  • Adds value when doing stress or load tests
  • Informs you when your BizTalk system is throttling and why
  • Informs you in how many messages (in number and in KB, MB or GB) are processed
  • Informs you what kind of messages (Message types) are processed
  • Informs you about transmission failures

The most important features of BizTalk Processing Monitor are:

  • Message flow monitoring with notifications
  • Throttling monitoring with notifications
  • Singleton Backlog monitoring
  • Support for multiple environments
  • Integration with other monitoring tools

The following documentation is available:

  • Getting started with BizTalk Processing Monitor (download)
  • How to use the Traffic Light Monitoring (download)
  • Overview Keyboard Shortcuts (download)
  • Exporting and importing Diagrams (download)