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Recently my team and I developed and released several tools that extend the out-of-box capabilities of BizTalk Server 2016 for developer and administration teams to be more productive, saving times in some simple but time-consuming tasks that should d supposed to be. One of these tools was BizTalk Port Multiplier Tool.

Because many clients still are using BizTalk Server 2013 R2, and because I had received some requests from the community, I will be releasing these tools for BizTalk Server 2013 R2 also. And today, we will stat with the BizTalk Port Multiplier Tool.

BizTalk Port Multiplier Tool

BizTalk Port Multiplier Tool is a simple tool that aims to simplify the port “cloning” process by allowing you to quickly “clone or duplicate” any existing port: Receive Port or Send Port.

  • Send Ports are quite easy to archive, you only need to give a different name to the port, and you can clone it;
Devscope BizTalk Port Multiplier tool Send Ports
  • Receive Ports are tricky because they may contain several Receive Locations and each URI needs to be unique;
Devscope BizTalk Port Multiplier tool

This tool will extend default BizTalk Server capabilities transforming the tedious and sometimes complicate port creation based on an existing one a little simple and easy allowing you to:

  • Create a new Receive Port based on an existing one;
    • It will also export the binding file from that new Receive Port;
  • Create a new Send Port based on an existing one;
    • It will also export the binding file from that new Send Port;
  • Generate different binding files for each environment

Why do I need to “clone” a Receive Port?

Sometimes you also need to create a receive port with similar configurations of an existing one, also changing only a few settings or simple the URI, and instead of manually recreating, you can have 90% of the process done automatically.

Sometimes it is practical, occasionally, or in some scenarios, it may not work, but in most cases, it will. So it is a best-effort operation and not an exact clone because they may have several Receive Locations, and each Address/URI needs to be unique. So, you then need to go to each receive location and reconfigure them.


Credits also to my team member at DevScope, Pedro Almeida that collaborated in the development of this tool.


You can download BizTalk Port Multiplier Tool from:
BizTalk Port Multiplier ToolBizTalk Port Multiplier Tool

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