On Thursday evening Oct 5th, BizTalk Product Team welcomed BizTalk MVPs to a special dinner.  This event was hosted at one of the premier dining locations in Bellevue, the Daniel’s Broiler.  


Our GM, Oliver Sharp greeted our MVPs thanking them for their efforts and leadership in the community.  This was a great start to a wonderful evening of MVPs and Product Group decision makers interaction and festivities.   Discussions ranged from in-depth technical debates to Sedona’s energy Vortexes and hotels in Bali.  Many myths were demystified (yes Lee Graber is not Chinese).  Listening to BizTalk product group influentials such as Steve Swartz, Dan Eshner and Patric McElroy discussions with industry experts Aaron Skonnard and David Chappell was quiet delighting.   At the same time our technical leads Lee Graber, Kartik Paramasivam and Chandramouli Venkatesh engaged in technical discussion with Matt Meleski, Alan Smith, Robert Eisenberg and Stephen Thomas throughout the evening. 

I was at the Microsoft conference center very early the next morning.  I attended Steve Swartz, Jon Flanders, Aaron Skonnard and Scott Colestock sessions.  They were amazing as always and full of energy.  No signs of fine wine consumption the previous evening.   

I have heard back from most people and am happy to hear that everyone has made it home safe and sound.  I have uploaded some pictures of this evening.  What a wonderful end to a great conference.   Hope to see everyone soon again!


Marjan Kalantar