Is it me or does there seem to be a lot of BizTalk Monitoring products appearing recently.

In addition to the normal MOM/SCOM, HP Openview and other enterprise monitoring platforms there seem to be a few new(ish) ones around such as:

– Minotaur=

– Frends Hellium =

– BizMon =

JustWhats peoples view on why these other products seem to have found a gap

Obviously if they are successful in selling their product then there is a weakness in the BizTalk offering around monitoring. Maybe the cost of SCOM or HP OVO is too high and these are much cheaper alternatives. Although I would have thought most larger companies would already have a monitoring and operations asset.

Maybe the BizTalk addin for SCOM and Openview, etc just isnt good enough or is too difficult to use?

Maybe these products aimed more at the BizTalk Operator rather than the BizTalk administrator.