That’s how I torture the BizTalk developer during the technical interview.
The interview is very intensive and takes 1-1.5 hour.
The main principle:
quick question – quick answer/demonstration.
The main goal:
range the main skills in all areas of the BizTalk generic development

General questions:
How does contender understand:
* the general architecture of the BizTalk:
= enumerate the main parts of the BizTalk system
= describe the main intentions of the BizTalk

* artifacts, terms (enumerate them):
= quick description
– application
– ports, groups, locations
– pipelines
– schemas
– maps
– orchestrations:
– shapes
– transactions:
– atomic
– long-running
– compensation
– exceptions
– persistent points
– assemblies
– helper .NET classes
– data bases, servers
– hosts, instances
– adapters, handlers
– subscribers, publishers
– parties
– EDI, AS2 system
– rules, vocabularies, policies
= now couple words more, what contender likes/doesn’t like in this artifact/tool. (Don’t laugh, it is a silly and VERY tough question.)

* what’s going on inside BizTalk

How develop with different parts of BizTalk:
= Describe creating the full-featured BizTalk application.
= create the thing, show what’s the most interesting inside the artifact and/or inside the tool
= quick description and couple words more, what contender likes/doesn’t like in this artifact/tool.
* VS, Source Safe
* Schema editor
– flat-files, EDI
* Mapper
– Xslt
* Orchestration Editor
* Business Rule Composer
* Tracking Profile Editor

Debugging the BizTalk Application:
= Describe debugging the full-featured BizTalk application.
* Enumerate tools:
* VS
* DebugView
* HAT, BTS Adm.Console
* NUnit, BizUnit, LoadGen
* Debugging artifacts:
– application
– ports
– pipelines
– schemas
– maps
– orchestrations
– helper .NET classes
– BR policy

Deploying the BizTalk application:
= Describe deploying the full-featured BizTalk application.
* BTSTask, BTSDeploy
* WMI scripts
* Wizards

Monitoring the BizTalk application:
2004 BTS: HAT, BizTalk Adm.Console, PerfMon
2006 BTS: HAT, BizTalk Adm.Console, PerfMon
= Describe creating the tracking profile, activity, views.

Programming skills:
* bear route problem or similar
* bubble sort algorithm
* test-driven programming
* VS.NET tune-up
* script languages, utils
* SQL: database normalization, programming
Architecture skills:
* ways to achieve the goals:
= Say the ways to track the work times of the stages
* standard applications:
– workflow with several messages
– correlation
– convoys: parallel; sequential unified; sequential non unified
– instance vs. active subscription
– custom correlation
– BizTalk to/from SQL app:
– send data to SQL
– receive data from SQL
– query SQL data
– where to validate data?
– schemas, ports
– BizTalk to/from WS/HTTP apps
– SOAP ports, artifacts, wizards
* error handling in the BizTalk applications
= what else inside the BizTalk set tools the contender used and dig up those areas.