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We’re doing it again, and we are inviting you to join our BizTalk Innovation Day in Oslo.

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For the third time the BizTalk Crew (Steef-Jan Wiggers, Sandro Pereira, Nino Crudele, Saravana Kumar and me) are hosting the BizTalk Innovation Day, one whole day with hardcore BizTalk!

We have decided to invite Cloud specialist Richard Sertoer from USA to tell us more about the future of integration both on-prem and in the cloud.

“The next decade looks to be one of the most disruptive in the short history of IT. New computing and architecture paradigms, an exploding number of connected devices, and new organization models have all directly impacted what systems integration will look like in the years ahead. What challenges has the cloud introduced? How does a DevOps commitment impact my integration approach? What role does integration play in the “internet of things”? In this session, we’ll talk about some of the mega-trends in the industry and how that may impact your approach to integration today and tomorrow.”

Steef-Jan Wiggers will give us more information around Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services (MABS)

“Microsoft Azure BizTalk Service (MABS) is almost available to us for year. It is a newcomer in the world of integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) and promising contender for the sweet spot in the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. This service in Azure has a lot offer and can provide different means of integration in the changing IT world of on premise ERP systems, services, cloud and devices. In this session the audience will learn where the Microsoft Azure BizTalk Service stands in middle of the iPaaS world, what it has to offer today and what the road map will look like in the future. During the session, the audience will also see demo is showcasing the various service features from a development, deployment and operations perspective.”

Sandro Pereira will announce a new whitepaper and give us a detailed overview of the new “Transform Designer” in MABS “.

“Migrating current BizTalk Server projects to BizTalk Services or starting new BizTalk Services projects can provide some challenges because although the developing experience is very similar, we are still talking about a new integration platform on Azure, and one of the main differences is the way we apply messages transformation with the new Transform Designer.

In this session, we will see the main differences between BizTalk Mapper Design (BizTalk Server) and the Transform Designer (BizTalk Services).”

Nino Crudele will talk more about how to “Develop as an Integration person”.

“After the London session, thinking like an integration person, Nino Crudele will speak about the real approach in a real development environment. There exists a lot of strategies, theories and philosophies about what the best strategies to use during development, some of them are very useful, other expensive, other very wrong.

In this session, Nino will present his personal approach and mining about development in real, considering all important topics for a good BizTalk developer.”

Saravana Kumar is repeating his known announcements at the BizTalk Innovation Day in Norway by releasing some brand new awesome feature in BizTalk360:

“BID Norway kind of became our inaugural place for introducing major versions. Last year we showcased version 7.0 to the public at BID, Norway. Since then we were constantly adding new features to the product and accelerated our development process. We worked on some exciting features like Graphical Message Flow, Throttling Analyzer, Business Rules Visualizer, Managed Services etc. Lot of these new features are designed in helping BizTalk customers to improve their support/operations/monitoring efficiency. In this presentation, Saravana Kumar will showcase the top 10 features we added since our last BID visit. We may be in a position to showcase some of the bits that’s going to come in 8.0 planned for end of this year.”

Myself (Tord Glad Nordahl) will be talking more about how developers and admins can co-exist together in harmony.

“The fight is on, and I am ready to provide you with the best ways and ideas on how to effectively work better together as a team, who messes up what, and how can we collaborate better. And I’ll share some of the secrets from both world, follow the rules and see how much more effective your team can become.”

Early bird is available till September 7th, so hurry up. We have a maximum cap, and the tickets are running out fast!!

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