I'm excited to announce the release of BizTalk Health Monitor (aka BHM) v3 !

The BHM team collected a lot of feedback from BHM users to enrich the tool with new features while at the same time making it more reliable to provide a better experience.
Version 3 brings many great new features and one major one:  the integration of the famous Terminator application making BHM a complete BizTalk maintenance solution – checking the health of any BizTalk platform and providing remediation capabilities.  The entire remediation power of Terminator is now included in BHM!

The BizTalk Health Monitor MMC snap-in shares the same analysis and repository engine as MBV application and has been available since June 2014 with the release of BizTalk Server 2013 R2.  Since then, it has been continuously updated with new features to provide more flexibility and power to BizTalk administrators in their monitoring and maintenance tasks.
As mentioned in my previous post, there will be no further public updates of MBV, as BHM is now the recommended free solution for a BizTalk group health check.


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BHM gives you a powerful and customizable dashboard to monitor the health of your BizTalk group and can be enriched with custom queries (SQL, WMI, PS, etc..) and custom rules.  It can be added to the existing BizTalk Administration Console or run individually to provide the following features:

    • Customizable dashboard displaying overall health of BizTalk environment
    • Generate and view MBV reports
    • Run Terminator tasks for maintenance
    • Create custom queries
    • Send email notifications
    • Schedule report collection
    • Perfmon integration with preloaded scenario-based counters
    • Monitor multiple BizTalk Environments
    • Store reports in SQL


v3 Release:
    • Added Terminator integration
    • Added custom SQL query support
    • Added SQL store for reports
    • Added force full report option
    • Updated query repository

v2 Release:
    • Added customizable dashboard
    • Added custom query support
    • Added custom rules support
    • Profile enhancements

v1 Release:
    • Initial release

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