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BizTalk Filter Finder tool got an update and it is now more powerful and with new features and mainly all of that thanks to Michał Plutyński contributions. And for those who are not familiar with this tool, the BizTalk Filter Finder Tool is a simple tool that aims to simplify the process for better understand and maintain solutions based on content-based routing and context-based routing with or without orchestrations involved.

BizTalk Filter Finder Tool

This tool will extend default BizTalk Server capabilities transforming this tedious and sometimes complicate analysis a little simple, easy and fast. You can read more details about this tool in the original post here: BizTalk Filter Finder Tool.

What’s new in the release

  • A new dropdown list that allows you to select your BizTalk Server environment (you can set up them in the config file), this way is better and easier to use in bigger teams with several environments.
BizTalk Filter Finder Tool
  • Add filters/search capabilities allowing you to filter the existing subscriptions and only show filters with subscriptions that contain some text;
BizTalk Filter Finder Tool
  • Hotfix/improvements: Changes in reading orchestration list when it’s used a MessageBoxDb on a different server then ManagementDb.

Credits to Michał Plutyński for becoming a collaborator of this tool.


You can download BizTalk Filter Finder Tool from:
BizTalk Filter Finder ToolBizTalk Filter Finder Tool

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