A couple of weeks ago, I had to create a custom EDI party trough code.
I noticed that the information provided on this topic was rather small and that other people were experiencing the same problem as well.
After some research I did on this topic, I discovered it’s actually rather easy to do these kinds of modifications through code.
Below you can find an example on how to create and modify your EDI Party.


You will need to add references to following assemblies in order to create and modify an EDI Party trough code.

These assemblies can be found in the BizTalk installation folder.

Add new Party

The first step is to add a new party to your BizTalk Group.
Below is an example how to add it through code, but it’s perfectly possible to add this through the BizTalk Administration Console.

Modify the Party Settings

The party you just created will be used to create a new partner.
After that you can tweak and modify every setting needed for your Party/Partner.
There are tons of possibilities to adjust, but below you can see some basic modifications I did.

The result

When we open the BizTalk Administration console, we can view the result.

The source code of my example can be found here.
EDIPartyManagement.zip (18.43 kb)

Glenn Colpaert, CODit